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Dog Grooming in Sittingbourne, Kent

Dip, Snip and Clip Dog Grooming 

Under New Ownership from March 2022 

Hi, I am Karen (owner) and Welcome to Dip, Snip and Clip Dog Grooming!

I took over as new owner of dip, snip and clip in March 2022. I have over 10 years’ experience working as a pet groomer and did my training at Animal Magic, Headcorn. I will continue to go on seminars and workshops to be able to deliver the best service I can to all my clients.

Professional and Friendly Dog Grooming team

We offer a professional and friendly dog grooming service and every grooming session is based on a bespoke service following a full consultation with yourselves, on a personal basis with enough time allocated for your dog.

We aim to create a calm and relaxing environment for your dog and ensure all clients are given the full care and attention they deserve and are never hurried or rushed.

  • Minimal use of restraints are used purely for the safety of your dog
  • We will treat your dog as we would our own, with care, respect and understanding.
  • We will never force any procedure on your dog, so if he/she objects to anything, then we will work with you to help to overcome their fear, preferring to cut the grooming session short if need be, rather than cause undue stress to your dog.
  • We want your dog to enjoy their grooming visits with us, as a happy dog is very important to us.

Our aim is to make each dog and owner happy and by helping your dog feel their bestand by listening and working with you, I hope to achieve this and look forward to meeting you and your special friend.

Karen and the team at Dip,Snip and Clip

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