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What is a Full Groom?

We carry out an initial assessment and consultation with the client, to highlight any problem areas such as lumps and bumps or areas that need special attention and to establish what you, the client, would like done.

Pre-bath preparation includes the nail clip, health check, ear cleaning and inspection. (Ear-plucking will only be actioned if the hair removes easily from the outer ear canal). A brush through of the coat to check for any heavily matted areas that may need special treatment before bathing.

We then bath using a  temperature controlled shower  and use specially selected shampoos, dependent on coat type and skin condition. Each bath comprises a minimum of two shampoos and thorough rinses. Chamois cloths and towels are used to remove the excess water before using the high velocity dryer.

On the electric grooming table, the drying process is completed using our new high velocity dryer that can be regulated by temperature and speed. 

The full groom is carried out to either breed standard or individual clients' requirements including paw pad trim, hygiene area trim and effective removal of hair from bulky or unsightly areas.

On completion, each dog is treated with a high quality conditioning spray that provides a pleasant odour if the client wishes. Bandanas and other adornments can be added at the clients request.

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